Slitting Line Tooling

DeeTee offers a complete range of Slitting Line Tooling confirming to international standards - Rotary Metal Slitting knives, Metal Spacers, Rubber bonded spacers, stripper rings, Over arm Separator Discs , ...

Leveler / Flattner rolls

Being very small in diameter and longer in length, this is the most difficult item to make amongst all the rolls. DeeTee is the only company in India who is ...

Metal Processing Rolls & Tube Mill Rolls

Proper designing, selection of raw material, salt bath heat-treatment, and CNC finished profiles help to maximize the tonnage per regrind and yields quality end products.

Friction Saws

DeeTee’s friction saws are made from imported Chrome-Vanadium Steel and are wear/shock resistant at high cutting speeds.

Cutting Quills

    Cutting Quills:
  • • Complete Knife Sets for repeat slit widths, increased precision and efficiency.
  • • The integrated guide blades guarantee optimal knife spacing and clearance for constant strip width time after time.
  • • Reduced setup time because of simple installation.

Floating Flange Roll

Floating Flange Design
This design is predominantly used in production of large diameter (above 250mm Ø) pipes, especially in stainless steel material where roll markings and material pick up may be critical quality parameter. Marking and material pick up results from the extreme difference in surface speed between the root of the roll and higher contour of the outer flanges. The higher surface speed on OD of the roll try to pull the edges of the strip ahead of the center of the strip causing markings. To address this problem, the upper half part of the roll is made to rotate freely above lower half part of the roll which is keyed to the mill shaft.

There are two options for floating flange design :
A. Floating flange with bearings – Fig. I In this design flanges rotate on a pair of roller bearings.
B. Bearing less floating flange - Fig. II This arrangement is similar to rotation of driven part on a bearing bush. Continuous lubrication is provided for smoother rotation of the outer part of the roll assembly.

Different styles of rolls have their own advantages and limitations. Due to initial budget constraints, mill management generally decide on using solid rolls. However, better results may be achieved by adopting more than one style of tooling. For example, one may use split rolls in the driven fin and sizing sections and solid tooling on the rest of the mill.

Cold Rolling Mill Rolls

DeeTee’s R.M.R division is accredited with ISO-9001:2008 certificate.DeeTee rolls out world class forged rolls- Sendzimir mill rolls / cluster mill rolls, 6Hi, 4Hi and 2Hi mill rolls, skin-pass rolls etc.

Shear Blades / Shear Knives / Chipper Knives

SHEAR KNIVES & BLADES - DeeTee will make the difference in your production shearing operation. You'll get optimum performance and extended blade life resulting in more tons per ...

Tube Cut Off Knives

Punch Type Tube Cut Off KnivesPunch type tube cut off system is the latest in the tube cutting technology and is now being widely used in US, Canadian and European

Sendzimir Mill Rolls / Cluster Mill Rolls

Sendzimir Mill / Cluster Mill Rolls, 20 Hi Mill Rolls comprises of Work Rolls , 1st intermediate rolls,2nd intermediate rolls,Z hi Mill rolls, and back-up bearings. work rolls are very small in diameter. work rolls are generally made out of D2 / 1.2379 or HSS material.

Grease Pump

    Grease Lock Nut
  • • Used to apply uniform clamping pressure, necessary to lock tooling properly onto the slitter arbors.
  • • Reduced setup times, due to an easy and quick locking and unlocking mechanism.
  • • Improved tooling placement accuracy during the clamping, due to an equal axial pressure distribution
  • • Minimizes the hazards usually involved with manual clamping nuts and also help in reducing vibrations
  • • Hydraulic clamping nuts can be used commonly in all slitting lines.