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I. Leading Manufacturer of Shafts And Arbors

Shafts are the machine members, mostly cylindrical in cross-section, which support the revolving parts of a machine, such as pulley, gear, fly-wheel, etc. Shaft not only supports a revolving part but also transmits torque. As a result, the shaft is subjected to bending as well as torsional stresses.

II. In a good quality shaft the following properties are desired:

  • 1. Sufficient Strength.
  • 2. Low sensitivity to stress concentration.
  • 3. Ability to withstand head and case hardening treatment.
  • 4. Good machinability.
  • 5. High degree of toughness and wear resistance.

III. After hardening, shafts are accurately ground and sometimes chrome plated as per requirement. Excellent geometrical accuracy and surface quality guarantee optimum running characteristics.

IV. DeeTee manufactures shafts for Tube Mill, Section Mills, Special Purpose Textile Machine, Packaging Machinery, Printing Machine, Gear Boxes and various applications.

V. The most common raw material for shaft is EN-24, EN-19 & sometimes En-31. These shafts are induction hardened to keep the skin hard & the core remains soft to absorb bending & torsion loads.

Manufacturing Tolerance For Shaft:

Bearing Seat : K-6

Length : +/- 0.5 mm upto 500 mm.

: +/-1.0 mm beyond 500 mm length.

Fillet Radius : 1 to 3 R.

Keyway Width : Within 0.1 mm.

Keyway Depth : Within 0.2 mm.

Ground Tolerance : Within 0.025 mm.

Shafts usually fails due to fatigue, which arises due to:

1. Presence of cyclic loads.

2. Stress concentration which may be due to operation, like Keyway.

3. Wrong alignment of bearings, drilled holes, etc.s

DeeTee Shafts Safe Production, Sure Operation

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