Sendzimir Mill Rolls / Cluster Mill Rolls

Sendzimir Mill / Cluster Mill Rolls, 20 Hi Mill Rolls comprises of Work Rolls , 1st intermediate rolls,2nd intermediate rolls,Z hi Mill rolls, and back-up bearings. work rolls are very small in diameter. work rolls are generally made out of D2 / 1.2379 or HSS material. The 1st and 2nd intermediate rolls are made from 1.2362 / H11 / D2 material. Since all these grades come under the category of tool steels , they are heat-treated in salt bath furnaces. Salt bath treatment gives excellent uniformity of hardness and is considered to be the best method for tool steel hardening.

Sendzimir mills are generally used for rolling of stainless steel and non-ferrous grades worldwide. these mills operate at speeds ranging from 500 MPM to 1000MPM. At such high speeds, it is very necessary that the material of rolls is very clean and free from inclusions and defects and should be of very good quality.

DeeTee can make all sizes of sendzimir / 20 hi rolls from 20mm to 300mm diameter.

We manufacture various types of Rolling Mill and Cluster Mill Rolls,Z Hi Mill Roll, 20 Hi Mill Rolls, 2 Hi Mill Rolls,6 Hi Mill Rolls. 4 High Mill Rolls.

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