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DeeTee Industries is one of the pioneers in indigenous manufacture of international quality custom built industrial tools for sheet metal welded tube and wire/ bar rod mill industry. In an incredibly short period of just 43 years of establishment, DeeTee products have come to symbolize the zenith of excellence in the field of production and marketing of quality industrial tools. The company has fast grown into an industrial group of high repute; encompassing five diversified associated companies within its corporate circumference.

DeeTee’s products are trusted across the globe by many developed and developing nations for a performance par excellence. Products like Slitting Line Tooling, Tube Mill Rolls, Shear Blades, Tube Cut off Knives, 20Hi Mill Rolls and Work Rolls are being exported to U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, Singapore, etc. In India all reputed customers in our field patronize our tools. A singular aspect that has and will remain unchanged at DeeTee is our philosophy, DeeTee’ Core Ideology is Customer delight, Persons, Products (Profit will flow).

The most important aspect of tool making is selection of right material from right source. The same material would give different characteristics if procured from different sources due to alloying elements on higher side or lower side of specification. Impurities play important role in quality of Raw Material. For example, P&S within 0.03% will be much better though specified is within 0.05%. Normally we do not buy raw material from Traders. Approx. 98% of our Raw Material is bought from manufacturers directly.

All different size bars of same heat are inspected thoroughly for –
  • 01. Physical inspection and surface defects.
  • 02. Chemical composition.
  • 03. Micro Structure.
  • 04. Macro Structure.
  • 05. Hardenability.
  • 06. Ultrasonic Testing.

All bars after inspection are given identification mark so that sources of raw Material can be traced.

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